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“Cracking the Cycle focuses around; mental wellbeing, ketogentic nutrition coaching, fitness and mindset coaching personal support”


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My work draws on many theoretical orientations and style, because each person is unique, my work is different with every person that I see. I tailor my approach to help you and your individual needs. I offer a comfortable and confidential space where you can look at your life free of expectation or judgement.

Mindset coaching can help you make sense of your situation and help you live a more fulfilling life. It can give you new tools to handle conflict and challenge, and free you from behaviours that hold you back from the life you deserve. Together we can explore whatever issues arise, working towards such themes as freedom, forgiveness, acceptance, security, growth, meaning, clarity, authenticity, spontaneity, and joy.

Life is worth living well, that means a life feeling grounded and motivated. It means living without guilt, shame and anxiety at every turn, and instead a life with more inner peace and a sense of purpose.

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The decision to seek support is often not a simple one but once taken it marks a commitment to care for yourself that may then be fostered in our work together until you are able to meet your dilemmas or troubles with more understanding, gentleness, and a greater ease.

Cracking The Cycle

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We have 3 plans available; Taster (Free), Keto Community Group, and Premium. Our plans have been tailored to suit a variety of requirements. Our Taster Plan offers access to taster videos and articles. With our Keto Community Group, you have access to our health tracking service, premium videos and articles, and our group Zoom. Our highest level plan, which is the Premium membership, offers all of the above combined, plus one-to-one Zoom sessions. Choose your plan below!

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“Cracking the cycle is a confidential service where you are free to explore and identify what is going on in your internal world, to make your external world more manageable whether that’s in the therapy room or in a fitness session.”

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Cracking The Cycle


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About Hannah

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