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“Research has demonstrated by listening to someones story while can offer an individual the opportunity to identify and explore the issues that cause stress, depression and negative cycles in behaviour”


My Story

Since 2015..

Over the past five years I have discovered the benefits of psychodynamic counselling, CBT therapy and fitness as a winning combination to overcome the stress, anxiety and depression that was underpinned from an eating disorder which I have battled for 20 years.

I am a qualified personal trainer, and nutrition coach who has over twenty years experience in the field of fitness, and since 2015 counselling and psychology.

What I Believe

Therapy & Fitness

I believe in applying psychological therapy and fitness as a strategy to change an individuals outlook on life. I have watched the change in myself with this form of support. Anyone can change if their issues are explored and someone has insight into their story.

I am working towards a MSc in counselling and I am based at Bangor university, Mon-Wed studying an MSc in counselling.

“The decision to seek support is often not a simple one, but once taken it marks a commitment to care for yourself that may then be fostered in our work together until you are able to meet your dilemmas or troubles with more understanding, gentleness, and a greater ease.”

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