What our clients think..


Take a read through our selection of some of our recent clients’ stories and journeys!


What our client’s think..

“I started my journey with Hannah in January 2020 as one of Hannah’s mentorees and I am now nearing the 6 month point. I went to Hannah after years and years (9 to be precise!) of slimming groups where I had lost little weight and piled the weight back on every time I stopped, I was trapped in a viscous cycle.

After working with Hannah, she has completely changed my mindset and I have stuck to my new lifestyle change now for almost 6 months. Hannah is motivational and is always contactable when I need further support. Hannah has a wealth of experience and I feel supported and fully trust her advice if I find myself struggling. Hannah has taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle which I am enjoying and feel so much better.

Living in a ketogenic way, I sleep better, I have more energy and really enjoy cooking and trying new foods. I don’t feel deprived of any food since embarking on this lifestyle change and know that with Hannah’s support and encouragement, I will continue my ketogenic journey as my new lifestyle which I can fully incorporate in to family life.

I continue to recommend Hannah to others I know who may find themselves struggling with food as without her, I’d still be stuck in the cycle of following diet plans that don’t work, not making any progress and still having low self esteem along with physically feeling rubbish. I will be forever grateful to Hannah for all of the support, encouragement and motivation she has given me and would recommend the ketogenic lifestyle to anybody.

My only regret is not contacting Hannah sooner!

Please find some words,
I commenced with Hannah around 6 months ago, I was at my wit’s end, feeling fat, old, tired and everything was so difficult.
She embraced me immediately, with empathy, knowledge and support finding that inner strength inside me.
Weight loss has always been slow but inch loss impressive and the about to keep going and focus with this lifestyle is all thanks to Hannah who believed in me and even through covid-19 when I have been challenged more than ever working for the health board and at times lost my focus, it has never been for long, this way of life has always been in my mind and now I have returned to my journey, forgetting the need to start again and just joining back in.
She is more than a friend, lifesaver, she will always be my breath of new air.”
Tracey E,
“I met Hannah 4 months ago. She was just what I needed! A bubbly, warm personality, motivated and full of knowledge from Keto nutrition to achieving my goals mentally and physically. I always feel energised after our 121 sessions and come away feeling a sense of achievement. I have never felt alone in my journey and Hannah’s enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve met a few of her clients and making some lovely friendships too. I’d recommend Hannah to anyone wishing to make a change for life, from inside out!”
Louise W,
“Since finding the amazing Hannah my life has changed
I am a type one diabetic with other issues. The difference in the keto lifestyle to my health is amazing. I’ve drastically reduced my insulin no hypos level blood sugars lost weight and inches but most of all the difference in my outlook. I’m feeling more confident my mood has been totally lifted and I’m looking to the future to bigger better things ahead.
The enthusiasm Hannah gives out is endless. And she is there for you to be the best that you can be through help and guidance.
An amazing lady.”
Lisa W,

“I am approaching my 60th and was really down and fed up being overweight, I was miserable as tried everything from WW ,Slimming World on numerous occasions and failed each time. Then one day in February I reached out to Hannah and she explained the Keto lifestyle to me and suggested I tried it with her help and support.

This was the best day ever and now 6 months on I have not looked back. Thanks to Hannah and all the support and motivation she gives I am and feel like a new person, 6 months on not only are the inches coming off but in general my health and mental well being has improved no end. I sleep better and feel i control my moods much better. I am fitter than I have ever been.

Yes still a way to go but I know I will get to where I want to be in time .

All I can say is Thank You Hannah with your guidance,encouragement and motivation I would not be on the road to a better me .

Keto lifestyle all the way.


“After two health scares (trips in ambulances to hospital) I thought I’d better do something about my heath. I reached out to Hannah who organised a video call. I have spoken to her for a couple of months now about my eating, my emotions etc, she is so easy to talk to. I have lost a stone in weight quite a few inches but not only that my mood is so much calmer, my blood pressure has come down. I can’t thank Hannah enough for all she has done for me.

For the first time in my life I feel in control of my eating and emotions.

Thank you so much!”

“Hannah is amazing! She has helped me in more ways than one. Through investigating the reason why I have always had a bad relationship with food and conquering those demons, she has put me on the right path and I’m seeing serious results.

I started my keto lifestyle back in February and have so far lost over 3 stone and 54 inches in 5 months. I feel better than ever and have so much more energy.
I have been trying for years to lose weight by doing fad diets and always blamed my overactive thyroid when it wouldn’t shift.

Hannah has guided me through every single step of the way and I couldn’t have done it without her.

If you’re thinking of contacting Hannah, do it! Hannahs highly professional and knowledgable and she’s honestly changed my life for the better. Thank you Hannah xx”

Sarah B,

“Hannah is a woman with power, energy and serious fitness. She has got me into running and I love it now. Hannah is present and always listens”


“I have seen Hannah in action. She can uplift a situation through her mindfulness and intervention coaching”


“I have seen Hannah in action. She can uplift a situation through her mindfulness and intervention coaching”Hannah loves to promote fitness and eating healthy. She understands the struggles with eating issues. She recovered, and I am on my way thanks to this intervention”




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