What is a Keto diet?

Keto Explained

So.. what is a keto diet that everybody is talking about, and how exactly can it change you? Hannah explains below..


Keto Explained

What is a Keto diet?

A ketogenic diet is based on the body splitting its energy system from running on glycogen to ketones via a process called ketosis which allows the body to run on ketones which are produced in the liver to fuel the brain.

‘Keto is a Natural Lifestyle’

Reported within literature, living on glucose or high carbohydrate diets can affect mood, mental health, mental clarity and neurological disorders due to the variant of high and low sugars may have the ability to cause long term physical harm to either body, brain or inflammation of vital organs. Ketosis once described as a “natural lifestyle” as we are born in ketosis; eg. Mother’s colostrum is a primary fuel in the first stages of life, which suggests once an individual has engaged in changing their diet, they have regressed to a primordial lifestyle which has been explored by doctors and psychologists around the world as away to lose weight, prevent obesity and alleviate significant medical health conditions. Thus allowing the body to regulate emotional states without experiencing the highs and lows of sugar induced stimulus. Initial research literature surrounding ketogenic nutrition dates back to 1912 which identified low carbohydrate diets could potentially lower the frequency of seizes.

Low Carb, High Fat

Studies revealed a significant difference in the subject’s episodes (greater in frequency) and losing considerable weight, taking their bodies to a health natural state. Research developed over 120 years’ has suggested more understanding and research is required to identify the benefits of living in this way for mental clarity and weight loss. Avocation of ketogenic’ is due to it not affecting the subject’s metabolicrate as it is low carb but high in fat. This suggests an individual is never caloriedefecate because calorie consumption is high and suggests when the body is hungry, it seeks out the natural stored fat as fuel or ketones.

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How I support you towards change as a Mindset keto lifestyle coach…

Egan’s skilled helper model is a three stage model or framework devised by Gerard Egan to help people solve problems and develop opportunities. Goals of utilising Egan’s model are to promote management of subject’s problems, live more effectively and develop opportunities more fully, and effectively manage themselves in everyday life. Not being based on a particular theorem of personality development, rather it’s a framework for conceptualising process’ and works best on the recent pastor the present.

The Egan model is designed to help the client address three main problems which are; what’s going on? what do I want instead? What’s my goal? Stage one, a safe space for the client to tell their story, I.e. why do i struggle to loseweight and keep to a lifestyle change which allows me to feel heard and acknowledged. The aim is for them to understand their own story by gently helping them to see the wider picture and put the situation into perspective. From therapist encouragement, the client will tell the story by using active listening skills and positivity. Demonstrating core conditions helps to explore and unfold the tale, enabling reflection.

Research on why individuals fail on a weight loss journey has shown it can be difficult for them to see the rationale as to why they don’t stick to a lifestyle change. With empathic reflection and sensitive challenges, the therapist uncovers blind spots or gaps in perceptions thoroughly assessing the situation of others and personally. Often subjects explore why they struggle with the lifestyle change whereabouts the therapist seeks to remove the client from stagnation of the present hoping to release internal energy to allow forward momentum which in return may allow them to achieving the goal.

With clients often moving from problem to action or problem tosolution without reflecting on what they truly want, might present missed opportunities.Stage two, helps the subject to review what is wanted and how it could be better. At this stage of a weight loss journey it is important especially generating energy and hoping this allows the subject to brainstorm the ideal personal body perception. When supported, the subject will broaden their horizons and be imitative, rather than reflecton practicalities of goal completion before allowing a subject to move forwards and help them check personal commitment before reviewing the all benefits of achievement.

My Story

I am currently studying a Master’s degree at Bangor university in North Wales in counselling and psychotherapy, plus ketogentic nutrition and its benefits towards mental wellbeing. I live in ketosis after recovering from bulimia 5 years ago, please get in touch if you want to change your body shape back to its natural state and keep the weight off for good.

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